6 Tips for a Unique Valentine's Day Bouquet from Florist to the Stars Eric Buterbaugh

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A beautiful bouquet of flowers is one of our favorite, no-fail Valentine’s Day gifts—but quite frankly, we've grown tired of the overdone vase of red roses. So we asked Eric Buterbaugh, florist to the stars and chief floral designer of popular L.A.-based floral shop The Bouqs Co., for his favorite new ways of gifting blooms.

Ask for Reflexed Roses

“The reflexed rose is a signature look of my floral studio," says Buterbaugh. ("Reflexed" simply means gently peeling back the petals of the flower.) "We’ve created thousands of arrangements over the years incorporating reflexed roses. They are always a crowd-pleaser.”

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Courtesy of The Bouqs

Monochrome Is Best

“I would avoid mixing lots of colors and flowers in an arrangement. That look can work for certain occasions, but I personally prefer a more monochromic look,” says Buterbaugh.

Do a Different Bud for Every Loved One

“For a Valentine’s Day arrangement for a significant other, I prefer solid red reflexed roses,” Buterbaugh says. “For mom, I like sending hydrangeas in either white or pink—they are elegant and classically beautiful. For a best friend, I think tulips are a great option—they come in just about every color in the spectrum and don’t scream 'romance.'”

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Courtesy of The Bouqs

The Beauty Is in the Detail

“I always love little added details,” says Buterbaugh. “It’s easy to add in a succulent or two and change the entire look of a bouquet.”

Calla Lilies are IN

“My most sophisticated clients are loving calla lily arrangements right now,” Buterbaugh says. “The colors that they come in are absolutely gorgeous and are beautiful in a large grouping.”

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Courtesy of The Bouqs

Mid-Century Glass Is a Must

“I’m obsessed with mid-century glass and bowls," Buterbaugh says. "They are chic and you can find them anywhere, from high-end department stores to estate sales."

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