By Sharon Clott Kanter
Jun 04, 2014 @ 2:22 pm
Courtesy Photo

The Fault in Our Stars has given us a lot to gush over (hello, Shailene Woodley is our June cover girl, thankyouverymuch), but as we gear up for the flick's Friday, June 6 release, the goodies keep coming. The latest: Charli XCX's video for "Boom Clap," one of the 16 tracks on the very-hot chart-topping album, which currently No. 7 on iTunes. The song describes that lovey-dovey moment that Ansel and Hazel and so many other couples share, and the songstress brought it to life with her video, which was released just this week.

The British singer penned last year's summer hit "I Love It" for Icona Pop and currently sings on Iggy Azalea's catchy "Fancy" tune. In her new video for "Boom Clap," Charli XCX brings out her own I'm-a-cool-badass-chick personality through her song and through her style, rocking a metallic jacket over a star print jump suit. Why? "I hear music in colors and I hear 'Boom Clap' as being the color silver," she told, which is why she rocked the Acne jacket. "I wanted it to be totally space-y and nineties."

The throwback '90s inspiration continued to her trendy pink crop top and Moschino animal print pants combo, too. "I'm obsessed with leopard right now, and they remind me of something Courtney Shayne would have worn in Jawbreaker, one of my favorite movies ever."

The "Boom Clap" track and the earworm-worthy Fault album are available on Watch the video below. We promise you won't be able to resist putting this gem on repeat. BOOM.