Um, Lindsay Lohan Just Asked Emma Stone to Co-Star in 'Mean Girls 2'

MEAN GIRLS 2 Clone of Lindsay Lohan Lead
Photo: Fotonoticias/WireImage

Lindsay Lohan once had a serious question. "What is Emma Stone?," the Mean Girls star asked, in a droll tweet the world quickly became obsessed with. (True or false: we work that phrase into conversation at least once a day?)

Well, it would sem Lilo's done some recon since then. Tonight, the cryptic actress took to Insta to mention Emma Stone again. But this time, the comment was much more flattering.

In a post that has since been deleted, Lohan asked the La La Land redhead to "film a movie called Mean Girls 2" with her. She went on to say—and this is big, people!—"I think we would be friends." We're so moved we can hardly speak. But first, the questions.

Why did the post go up? Why did it come down? Will Stone respond? And most importantly, what is Emma Stone?

In the meantime, it seems Stone isn't the only girlfriend Lohan's courting today. Behold this post, which went up a mere couple of hours before the Mean Girls 2 tease.

That's so weird! A trip to Mykonos with Paris Hilton is what we wish for every year when we blow out the candles. Honestly, Linds, we'd probably be besties.

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