Julia Roberts with Jimmy Fallon
Credit: Courtesy

Most glamorous Hollywood actresses probably wouldn't dream of participating in a game called "Face Balls," in which clear balls are thrown directly at your face and your reaction is captured in slow motion. Heck, most people who aren't glamorous Hollywood actresses wouldn't even do that. But, Oscar-winner Julia Roberts stepped up to the plate on Thursday night during her visit to The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon and played the hilarious, albeit decidedly unglamorous new segment.

The Normal Heart actress proved to be the ultimate good sport, letting host Jimmy Fallon throw balls at her face (though she could dish it back just as hard) and cracking well-timed jokes about, well, balls.

Even if the slo-mo captures weren't the prettiest shots of the Pretty Woman star, she still looked incredible rocking a layered, black Elie Saab top and shorts and lace-up Jil Sander heels. (That outfit may have come in handy for Heidi Klum's visit to The Tonight Show this week.)

Watch Julia Roberts roll with the punches (or in this case, the balls):

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