By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Oct 05, 2016 @ 3:30 pm
Tyra Banks
Credit: Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images

Tyra Banks certainly knows a thing or two about the art of a makeover—check every rerun of America's Next Top Model if you need further evidence. As of today, she can offically give your overwhelming serum, cleanser, and moisturizer-filled arsenal the same treatment, with the launch of Tyra Beauty's skincare range. Inspired by Banks's own mother and her skin rituals, the idea came to life after the supermodel's fans continually commented on the secret to her ageless complexion. "My momma is so obsessed with makeup, she loves makeup, but she's even more obsessed with skincare," she says in the below video. "Skin is it—it is all in the canvas, and that has been ingrained in me since I was like 6 years old."

Tyra Beauty launched back in 2014, and the line has been a wild success ever since. Thanks to the direct-selling business model, Banks has empowered women to become their own beauty entrepreneurs, while learning about some stellar new products along the way. The skincare range includes four super-effective products, all of which the supermodel had a hands-on role in developing. It's hard to choose a favorite, but for us, it's a tie between the Microdermabrasion Wand and the Clean Machine Foaming Face Wash, which is equipped with an attached brush you can use to whisk away dirt and makeup. Shop the individual products now, priced between $30 and $50, or buy the set of all four now for $117 at No judgement at all if you exclaim "Tyra mail!" upon recieving your package of goods.