By Isabel Jones
Updated Nov 27, 2017 @ 5:00 pm

Paper magazine is at it again: trying to break the Internet one sexy shot at a time. This round, however, there is neither an act of Olympic-level champagne flute butt balancing nor a scandalous ménage (sorry, Minaj) à trois.

In the publication’s latest issue, Tyra Banks (Queen of the Smize), takes fierce to a new level as, ahem, Tyger Banks.

No, Tyra’s not inducting herself into the rap music industry or getting crafty with rebranding, she’s simply transforming into a tiger, as models do.

Still confused? See for yourself:

Banks has undergone a Heidi-Klum-on-Halloween type transformation, and we cannot look away.

Like, she *is* a jungle cat.

Ah, the wonders of body paint and cat ears …

Banks is a little late to the dress-up game—Halloween was nearly a month ago—but timeliness aside, Paper keeps outdoing itself with these attempts to “break the Internet.” If your wifi mysteriously goes down tonight, blame it on Tyger.