NOT A DRILL: Lindsay Lohan May Appear in Life-Size 2

Photo: Walt Disney Productions

Back in 2000, Lindsay Lohan and Tyra Banks came together for what was one of the greatest cinematic events of pretty much any millennial’s childhood: Life-Size.

In case you aren’t familiar (that needs to change, btw), the film stars Lohan in her prime as a little girl who accidentally brings her Eve Doll (Barbie, essentially) to life (Enter: Banks). Need I say more? This is literally the perfect premise.

Anyway, back in April Banks confirmed rumors that a sequel was in the works with Freeform. Eve will return!

We’ve been processing this information ever since. It’s almost too much to handle as is, but the latest intel has us seriously freaking out: Lindsay Lohan is in talks to appear in the film.

Tyra Banks made a guest appearance on The Talk on Tuesday, May 30, and shared that she and the former child star been discussing her potential involvement. “I am having conversations with Ms. Lohan," Banks said, "I want her to come back, and I think that she does too–actually, I know she does. So I really hope that she can be in it."

Walt Disney Productions

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