By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Oct 06, 2014 @ 3:01 pm
Tyra Banks Makeup Line
Credit: Instagram/tyrabanks

As any avid viewer of America's Next Top Model will tell you, the makeover episode at the beginning of the cycle never lacks for excitement, and now, Tyra Banks is letting us get in on the fun---minus the audition process and tears shed over having to cut our trademark hairstyle. Over the weekend, the supermodel took to Instagram to announce the launch of her own beauty brand, making that Tyra-approved makeover much more attainable.

The aptly-named Tyra Beauty range boasts three different collections for putting your fiercest face forward. As a tribute to her now-iconic catchphrase, the Smize collection is devoted to the eyes and includes a mascara and a genius liquid liner pen, which comes equipped with an eye makeup corrector to ensure your wings are precise. The IT Factory collection includes ultra-bold lip colors, while the TYover products contain everything you need to create that perfect contour, or add extra dimension to your eyes.

Banks will be rolling out her own tutorial videos, as well as expert tips and tricks for taking that runway look into every day wear, minus the couture cost. We especially love how everything is under $100, with the five-piece TYover kit being the priciest at $75 ( "I don't believe in outrageously-expensive beauty products," the supermodel, who credits a $2 jar of Vaseline as her beauty binge, previously told InStyle. Find the entire lineup at now---we won't judge you for exclaiming "Tyra mail!" at your postal carrier when your order arrives.