Back in April, we learned the best news of 2017: Tyra Banks would be reprising her role as doll-turned-real-person Eve in the Life-Size sequel. The anticipation has only grown since the America’s Next Top Model host announced the news and in late May, Banks herself even hinted at a possible Lindsay Lohan cameo (!!!).

Life-Size 2 is expected to premiere on Freeform in December of 2018 as a part of their holiday film roundup, but little else is known about the upcoming sequel.

Today, though, we were given the ultimate piece of Tyra Mail: a clue into the future of Eve! (OK, full disclosure; much speculation has gone into this theory.)

Anyway, on Monday, the queen of the smize posted a photo of a Barbie doll outfitted in a dress made of meat (à la Lady Gaga at the 2010 VMAs).

“Looks like Eve has some more meat on her bones these days...#LifeSize #ANTM10 #March122008,” the mogul joked in her caption.

Note: she referenced both Life-Size and America’s Next Top Model in her post. Are the ANTM contestants gearing up for a raw meat-centric photo shoot? Does Eve have a new friend who just so happens to be a butcher? We have a lot of unresolved questions.

We’ll let the fan theories pile up for now, but we’re seriously gunning for a Lady Gaga-themed storyline. Make it happen, Freeform.