Fine Print: Two Inspiring Books You'll Want to Read this Spring

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January isn't the only time for resolutions. This month, it's time to spring-clean your Q2 with books by experts we love. Below, take a peek at two of our top picks that'll boost your social-media persona, style, and, well, everything else.

Leave Your Mark

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Written by Aliza Licht, aka the Twitter-famous @DKNY PR GIRL, this mentorship book is here to help you kick off your career by building a strong personal brand for yourself. Offering a ton of advice from the lessons she's learned along the way to becoming a global fashion communications executive, Licht's book will inspire you to tackle social media in a whole new way.

Our favorite nugget from inside: "Words live on forever. Pretend the delete button doesn't exist."

Pre-order the book, due out May 5, at

The Real Simple Guide to Real Life

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In this illustrated guide, Real Simple's editors share their top tips for ruling your life in every way. From decorating and cooking to finding a job and relationship troubles, the comprehensive handbook covers it all. One tip that we're definitely going to remember: "Stabilizing your body can lead you to curb an overspending habit." Who knew?

Plus, inside you'll find can't-miss advice from Emmy Rossum, Jessica Alba, and more successful women who share what they wish they knew at the start of their own careers.

To grab a copy, head over to

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