By Samantha Simon
Updated May 02, 2015 @ 5:30 pm
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January isn't the only time for resolutions. This month, it's time to spring-clean your Q2 with books by experts we love. Below, take a peek at two of our top picks that'll boost your social-media persona, style, and, well, everything else.

Leave Your Mark


Written by Aliza Licht, aka the Twitter-famous @DKNY PR GIRL, this mentorship book is here to help you kick off your career by building a strong personal brand for yourself. Offering a ton of advice from the lessons she's learned along the way to becoming a global fashion communications executive, Licht's book will inspire you to tackle social media in a whole new way.

Our favorite nugget from inside: "Words live on forever. Pretend the delete button doesn't exist."

Pre-order the book, due out May 5, at

The Real Simple Guide to Real Life


In this illustrated guide, Real Simple's editors share their top tips for ruling your life in every way. From decorating and cooking to finding a job and relationship troubles, the comprehensive handbook covers it all. One tip that we're definitely going to remember: "Stabilizing your body can lead you to curb an overspending habit." Who knew?

Plus, inside you'll find can't-miss advice from Emmy Rossum, Jessica Alba, and more successful women who share what they wish they knew at the start of their own careers.

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