The Royal Family Takes a Trip to Space in a New Version of Their Christmas Card

At the beginning of the week, the Royal family gave us a reason to plow through an acute case of the Mondays when they released their adorable 2017 Christmas card.

In the family photo seen across the globe, Kate Middleton and Prince William stand side by side, Kate in a belted powder blue top and matching pencil skirt, her royal blowout perfect as ever. William wears a black suit with a light blue tie, a massive smile playing across both their faces. At their parents feet stand the mini-royals, Prince George and Princess Charlotte, each following suit with the pale blue color scheme.

Royal Family Lead
Chris Jackson/Getty via Kensington Palace/Instagram

It’s about as picture-perfect as photos get, but some Twitter users decided to amp the minimalist portrait up to 11.

With some help from Twitter user Ciara (no, not that Ciara) and her exceptional photoshop skills, the royal fam went on a few otherworldly adventures, including trips to space, Antarctica, Teletubbyland, and the bottom of the sea.

The concept appears to be taking off:

Perhaps Kensington Palace will update their original version with some of Twitter’s edits?

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