Twitter Is Giving Movies Millennial-Friendly Titles and It's TOO. REAL.

Twitter Movies
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In the darkest of times, the Internet does what it’s best known for—making us laugh.

This week, Twitter hashtag #MillennialAMovie began trending, and it honestly made these stormy October days worth slogging through.

The concept is simple and very Twitter-esque: You modify a movie title so it appeals to the Instagram and avocado toast-obsessed set. It’s deceptively easy, and also a little too on the nose for us millennials (re: “Get Rich or Die Trying to Pay Off Student Loans”).

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Below are some of our faves.

We'd travel through time to find a reliable connection, too.

If Meg Ryan's still starring, we're in.


We're not laughing, Scott.

BRB, laughing through the pain of our crippling debt and Tinder-induced Carpal Tunnel.

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