Incredibly, former First Daughter Malia Obama was (in the literal sense) born on the Fourth of July. That pretty much qualifies her parents for a presidential term or two, right? (We’ve entertained less compelling arguments for the position.)

Anyway, America’s birthday rocked our holiday weekend, but many netizens chose to assign a different meaning to the nation’s observance.

While July 4 signifies the beginning of the country’s independence, or “freedom,” longstanding inequality and current events have some folks seeing the celebration in a different light. Hard-pressed to find one thing (or person) all Americans can band together behind, Twitter elected birthday girl Malia as the face of an upgraded Independence Day.

Regardless of how you feel about the holiday, the Internet’s reaction to “Malia Obama Day” will brighten your Wednesday (note: it's basically a Monday).

Read on below to see the funniest responses to the unofficial holiday.

P.S.: Happy 19th, Malia!