Twirler Brush
Credit: Courtesy

It may look more like a medieval weapon than a hair tool, but the Twirler could be the ultimate round brush for blowouts that tend to fall flat.

As the first completely spherical tool on the market, the brush head actually mirrors the contour of your dome to make the blow-dry process easier, while resulting in a style that better flatters the shape of your face. On damp hair, you'll want to place the ball underneath your layers, and use twisting motions to lift the roots. Continue twirling the brush—as the name suggests—through your mid-lengths and ends while drying for extra movement and to give your ends that salon-fresh soft curl. It may take time to get used to the feeling, but the bouncy, voluminous results are definitely worth it.

As opposed to your traditional round brush, which is actually a cylinder shape if you want to get technical, the Twirler doesn't require you to contort your arms into any circus-like positions just to smooth over a section, and can still pick up every strand as air is able to pass completely through the ventilated sphere. Its heat-resistant bristles guarantee a longer life span than natural or plastic fibers, and the tool even comes in a mini version for ultra-short styles or for fringe touch-ups. Find the Twirler for $18 at now.