Finchittida Finch Jupiter Ascending Jewelry
Credit: Courtesy Warner Brothers

British designers Tida and Lisa Finch can now truly say their jewelry is out of this world. The identical twins, who design under the name Finchittida Finch, were commissioned to make a bespoke bridal headdress and wedding gown embellishments for Mila Kunis to wear as the intergalactic heroine of the new Wachowski siblings' movie, Jupiter Ascending.

The elaborate wedding crown—an explosion of tendrils and filigree designs laser-cut from silver mirror perspex and red ceramic flowers (the sisters didn't make the flowers, only the silver elements)—evolved from Finchittida Finch's signature designs, which reflect the sisters' Lao heritage (10 percent of their revenue goes to a charity that clears unexploded Vietnam-era bombs from Laos, where their mother lived during the war). The gown, meanwhile, is a nude tulle column scattered with sparkling embellishments also cut from mirror perspex, with more red flowers adorning the skirt and fishtail train.

Finchittida Finch Jupiter Ascending jewelry
Credit: Courtesy

Like many of Finchittida Finch's creations, the crown and gown combine elegance with a tribal aesthetic. Their recent Empress collection (above), for example, features chain mail skirts, elaborate neck chokers, and ornate body harnesses. This combination of edge, attitude, and femininity has won them fans including Florence Welch, Beyoncé, and FKA Twigs.