Should You Wear a Turtleneck If You're Busty?

Marilyn Monroe
Photo: Alfred Eisenstaedt/The LIFE Picture Collection/Getty Images

Old-school fashion rules dictate that women with large chests should avoid turtlenecks like the plague. Such a slim, high-necked top would only serve to accentuate an already large measurement, and therefore it's probably wiser to opt for a scoop or V-neck (or so the logic goes). But this effortlessly chic style staple is one of the biggest trends for fall (they were seen at almost every collection), so we say it's time to revisit the issue. Is this a fashion mandate that's as outdated as not wearing white after Labor Day? Or is there some truth behind it? We turned to Hollywood's most powerful stylists and asked them to weigh in on the great turtleneck debate.

"Yes, Marilyn Monroe wore a turtleneck, and she looked super sexy. You don't want to add tons of fabric, so look for a one that's not too chunky. Also, it's more about your neck than your bust—I think it's harder to wear a turtleneck if you don't have a good neck, because you'll look more round."—Kate Young, stylist to Selena Gomez, Sienna Miller, and Elizabeth Olsen

"While an open neckline is a better option, I don't think you should rule turtlenecks out. Just don't go for a super-thin knit, because your undergarments will show through it. Pair one with a fit-and-flare skirt, a skirt with a great pattern, or a really girlie chiffon skirt—a turtleneck will cut the sweetness."—Brad Goreski, stylist to Jessica Alba, Rashida Jones, Lea Michele

"As long as the turtleneck is not skin tight, you can get away with it. Just wear it with a high-waisted skirt or pant—something that accentuates curves and balances out the bust. As long as you create a shape where the eye doesn't go straight to the chest, then it works." —Samantha McMillen, stylist to Elle and Dakota Fanning

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