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After months with nothing to watch except for Bravo reruns (not that we really minded!), our DVRs will finally be full again! This week marks some major network TV premieres, album releases, and movie premieres, and we’ve narrowed down our top picks for you. So get all your gadgets geared up and scroll through to see what we’ll be glued to this week!

MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 24Partners (8:30 pm EST on CBS)Things get complicated for two BFFs when one gets engaged. The best part? Sophia Bush as a jewelry designer with some serious bling.

Mumford and Sons, BabelFresh off their performance on this weekend's Saturday Night Live, this folk-y band hailing from the U.K. releases their second album, now available for download on iTunes.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25New Girl (8:00 pm EST & 9:00 pm EST on FOX)The “adorkable” crew returns with a special two-episode premiere—keep your eyes peeled for super-funny guest star Josh Gad.

Ben & Kate (8:30 pm EST on FOX)The hilarious Nat Faxon plays a goofy but loveable brother who moves in with his sister (Dakota Johnson) and her five-year-old daughter. Sibling antics ensue.

The Mindy Project (9:30 pm EST on FOX)Possibly our favorite new show of the season. Mindy Kaling stars as an unlucky-in-love OB/GYN—the opening scene alone will have you crying from laughter!

No Doubt, Push and ShoveAfter an 11-year hiatus and a successful solo career for frontwoman Gwen Stefani, the '90s-tastic ska-pop group is back in action.

Green Day, ¡Uno!The first of a three-part album trilogy comes out today from the veteran punk rockers that inspired the hit Broadway show American Idiot.

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 26Modern Family (9:00 pm EST on ABC)We can’t wait to see Sofia Vergara as a pregnant Gloria! Oh, so many punch lines to come.

THURSDAY, SEPTEMBER 27Scandal (10:00 pm EST on ABC)Quinn Perkins’s identity will be revealed within minutes of the premiere! For fans of the show, that’s enough said.

FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 28LooperFor his latest movie, Joseph Gordon-Levitt stars in a time-travel-esque journey into the future, where he grows up to be Bruce Willis.

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— Angela Salazar

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