By Jennifer Davis
Oct 11, 2012 @ 2:20 pm
Courtesy of Justin Stephens/The CW

The wait is almost over! Tonight the vampires of Mystic Falls return in the fourth season premiere of The Vampire Diaries, and if it follows in the footsteps of last season's shocking finale, it'll be a doozy! The story saw Elena (Nina Dobrev) join the undead (beware of vampire-blood transfusions!), which means she can now recall memories other vampires had compelled her to forget. Bear with us: This is going to be particularly important to her relationship with Stefan (Paul Wesley), whom she chose over his brother Damon (Ian Somerhalder) at end of last season. Elena’s decision was influenced by her belief that Stefan has been there for her from the beginningexceptwhat will happen when she finds out that she actually met Damon first and he wiped away her memory! Whew—looks like this love triangle isn’t going anywhere, viewers. You won’t have to compel us to see how this unfolds. Catch The Vampire Diaries tonight on the CW 8/7c.

Plus, see the show's cutest couple moments ever! 

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