Try This DIY: Perfect Party Plates for Your Awards Show Soireé

Photo: Jenni Radosevich

By now, you likely know that the VMAs are this Sunday, August 24 at 9 p.m. ET on—where else?—MTV, and the Emmys are the following night, Monday, August 25 at 8 p.m. ET on NBC. But if you're a red carpet enthusiast like we are, you're going to take the back-to-back award shows more seriously than just an easy excuse to sit on the couch eating popcorn while ogling gowns both gorgeous and gasp-worthy.

We here at the InStyle offices have plans to gather around the TV for each red-carpet kickoff, prepared for the long (but fun!) nights ahead with plenty of pizza and chocolate. And thanks to Jenni Radosevich at iSpyDIY, we'll be able to get into the spirit of the evenings even more with these DIY gold-star plates, pictured above.

Radosevich came up with the idea especially for us, and once we saw the finished product, we immediately thought how perfect they'd be for any awards show celebration. If you're hosting a soireé this Sunday or Monday (or heck, even just looking to add some pizzazz to tired tableware) check out Radosevich's seven-step tutorial on how to create these party-perfect plates, and be sure to hang out with us here at each night, where we'll be tirelessly documenting every red carpet detail!

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