Children of the ‘90s, rejoice! We have some seriously incredible news for you: MTV’s Total Request Live is coming back. I repeat: TRL IS COMING BACK. Soon you’ll be able to relive those fond memories of sneaking off to watch Nelly Furtado’s “Promiscuous” music video while your parents were out of the room (and later purchasing the ringtone for your pink Motorola Razr). Who could ask for anything more?

MTV Network chief Chris McCarthy is working to revitalize the youth-driven channel with more unscripted programming. “That ability to be live, in culture—not responding to it but driving it—is where we belong,” McCarthy said in favor of the proposed shift.

Okay, so it’s not a total resuscitation. The new TRL-esque show, which premieres on June 12, currently goes by the name MTV Live, and will also be broadcast out of a studio in Times Square—though this one is reportedly double the size of its predecessor’s stomping grounds. According to Adweek, McCarthy “plans to broadcast three or four hours live from the studio each day.”

Millennials, are you ready (for this jelly)? Our list of demands for McCarthy is in its early drafts: 1) Give us a Destiny’s Child Reunion 2) Please enforce tattoo choker dress code clause.

We’re counting down the days until June 12!