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With temps rising, we've got our sights set on beach weekends and poolside cocktails. So it's an understatement to say that we were psyched to discover Triangl Swimwear, an online-only swim boutique that sells their sexy styles direct-to-consumer—which, of course, saves you big on purchases.

After originally launching down-under, Aussie brand Triangl has now expanded to the US market with 13 bikini styles—all made using a ultra-flattering neoprene material that masks lumps and bumps and dries super-fast after taking a dip. We're eyeing the new Farrah set (below) ($89;, which coolly contrasts the brand's signature fabric with crochet detailing, as well as the bold, bright Milly duo (at top) ($89; Perhaps best of all, prices for the neoprene wonders begin at $79 and top out at $89 for a complete bikini set. Get your trigger finger ready—you won't be able to resist filling up that virtual cart.

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