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We're obsessing over the influx of marbled goods that are making waves in the realms of fashion and decor. Though it has traditionally been used for home interiors (on a large and very expensive scale, usually to outfit your bathroom walls or kitchen countertop), now you can find an array of eclectic pieces that are more accessible than a hundred pound slab. By shaping the natural stone into small-scale objects, or by transferring the swirly patterns onto inexpensive surfaces like paper and acrylic, designers are able offer products that are more lightweight and affordable, yet maintain a sense of sophistication and elegance from the stony motif. Ready to shop? Scroll down for a range of both marble and marbled pieces that are sure to "rock" your world.

Try pairing these sophisticated candle holders with dark candles (like burgundy, or even black)—they'll pop beautifully against the copper surface. And if you're desperate for a new wall clock, this insanely affordable number from Crate and Barrel is a bang-and-a-half for your buck.

If you can't afford to deck out every surface of your bathroom with marble slabs—and you're not alone—this cotton bath mat and shower curtain may be the next best options. Plus, they're way softer than the hard, chilly surface of the real stone, which is probably the last thing you want to be stepping and holding onto when exiting the shower anyway.

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Whether it's a colorful trivet (that can double as a mini serving board) from Brooklyn designers Fort Standard, British designer Lee Broom's marble-based goblet, or a mod cake stand from Kelly Wearstler, all you need is one elegant accent piece to impress your guests and to get the conversation going.

Keep your outfit simple and monochromatic à la Kirsten Dunst if you're planning on splurging for this gorgeous hard-shell clutch from designer Stella McCartney. As for jewelry, Wanderlust's double pyramid ring is the perfect accessory to keep up with your cool-girl-chic style

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Wrapping paper is not just for elevating the look of presents. You can also use it to transform a drabby-looking shelf of books into a chic and colorful collection. Taking notes? These gorgeous paperback notebooks from Poketo are way chicer than any drugstore find, and this unique marble mousepad from Chen Chen Kai Williams will beautify your desk and make you the envy of all your colleagues, especially your boss.