By Camryn Rabideau
Jun 03, 2017 @ 1:45 pm
Warner Bros.

It's no where near Halloween, but you still might see a lot of little girls running around in superhero costumes this weekend. Thanks to the fact that June 3 was dubbed "Wonder Woman Day" and the new movie hit theaters on Friday, ladies everywhere are breaking out their Wonder Woman costumes to proudly show that women can be heros, too, The Hollywood Reporter originally pointed out.

VIDEO: Wonder Woman: Official Origin Trailer


If you scroll through Instagram today, you're bound to see adorable pics of girls—and some women, too—dressed up in their superhero attire for the premiere. While some had official costumes, complete with crowns and arm gauntlets, others made do with DIY outfits, rocking polka-dotted blue skirts and red T-shirts. We love the creativity!

Here are some of our favorite images so far:

Never lose your sense of WONDER! #wonderwomanday #dccomics #strong #wonderwoman #wonderwomanmovie

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Umm. We might be just a little excited #wonderwomanmovie

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"Believe in love." - Diana a.k.a #Wonderwoman❤️ . .Watched the movie today, with the squad. I must say that it is a well made movie. It is about war, love, sacrifice, mission, and identity. ❤️There is a lot of action scenes but it is not grossly graphic (I mean like bloody, etc.) my kids actually enjoyed it. Some sparkly humor and sadness that left us teary eyed.😢 . You cannot save everybody, but if you have the chance to save "today", do it. It might mean sacrifice, even your own life. 😭💘 Life is not about what you deserve, but it is more of what you believe. ☺️ . . . #instagramstories #word #quotes #wordjunkie #ootd #fashion #notablogger #wonderwoman #wonderwomanmovie #movietime #cosplay #squadgoal #friends #mommies #kiddos #olinotheatres #kapolei #hawaii #hilife #thankful

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If you know Eisley you know #wonderwoman is her idol, today she gets to see her on the big screen! 😍

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Wonder Women #wonderwoman #supergirl #twins

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Getting ready to go see #WonderWoman !!

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Even Viola Davis got in on the fun, posting a throwback picture of her daughter dressed up as the female superhero—afro and all!

Genesis at 2 almost 3. She wanted to keep her fro. #WonderWoman! We're ready!!! #TBT

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The movie's opening also broke box office records with $39 million in sales by end of day Friday. So if you have an old Wonder Woman costume stowed away in your closet, now's the perfect time to dust off those arm gaunlets and show the world what you're made of!