Travis Scott Says Stormi's Placenta Freaked Him Out

There's no instruction manual for babies, they say. But for Travis Scott, it seemed like he was missing out on the instruction manual for delivery. During an appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, the rapper described his reaction to the birth of his daughter, Stormi, and the surprising appearance of a placenta post-baby.

Scott told DeGeneres that he'd never been in any delivery room before, which is understandable. However, knowing that Kim Kardashian — his de-facto sister-in-law or at least de-facto family at this point — mentioned eating her placenta probably means that he's at least heard of a placenta. However, People reports that there was someone in the room to lend a helping hand: mom extraordinaire Kris Jenner.

"It was so scary. This is actually my first delivery room. She’s walking me through this whole process," he told DeGeneres. "There's this thing called the placenta that I’ve just been hearing about. Oh my God. So I was fearful of that."

Kylie Jenner Travis Scott 2018 MTV Video Music Awards
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It's not that he was squeamish. He told DeGeneres that he was involved in the delivery, taking on the task of cutting the cord — something that most Kardashians have yet to do from their momager.

"But I cut the umbilical cord," he continued. "And she held it down, mama K.J. She's the best, man."

He went on to say that he couldn't prepare himself for the emotions that came with holding baby Stormi. Any fears that he may have had of being a parent at such a young age went away as soon as it was replaced by the love he felt for his daughter. He and Kylie welcomed the baby back in February.

"Going into it, I was nervous and scared. You know, we were both young," he said. "When you first had a baby in your arms, it's uncontrollable. It's this whole warp that takes over your body. I never thought I could just love something so hard."

Scott may be able to take credit for cutting the umbilical cord, but Jenner is taking all the credit for the actual delivery. Yes, there were doctors on hand, but she told People that she was the one that welcomed baby Stormi into the world.

"I delivered the baby!" Jenner said after Stormi's birth. "I delivered her. I pulled her out."

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