By Grace Gavilanes
Nov 16, 2014 @ 3:15 pm

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You've had a smartphone since 2010, a smart house since 2013 and a smart watch since, wait, when is the Apple Watch coming out again?

But a smart suitcase? That's just crazy talk.

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Not so, say the makers of Bluesmart ($235), a new high-tech piece of luggage that's currently in preorder and set to ship this coming August.

Much like the now-ubiquitous Nest thermostat, the Bluesmart syncs with a corresponding app, enabling you to control it from afar. This means you can lock and unlock your case from anywhere and track its location using GPS (very useful should the good people at American Airlines accidentally send your stuff to Tulsa instead of Tacoma).

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The coolest features, however, are those designed for constant travelers. A built-in digital scale allows you to instantly check the case's weight. (Because there's a $25 difference between 50 and 51 pounds.) And it comes equipped with a super-powerful battery charger that can juice your phone six times over before needing to be plugged in.

The only thing this guy can’t do, it seems, is pack itself. And for that, we've got this cool trick anyway.

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