Travel Like an Editor Violet Gaynor
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In this feature, Senior Fashion Editor Violet Gaynor shares what she brought along for a holiday weekend in Fire Island.

Fire Island holds a special place in my heart. As a kid, I spent summers there swimming in the bay and exploring the weathered wood streets with a sense of freedom that can only come from a place that has no cars. As a grownup, I feel especially lucky and sentimental watching my almost two-year-old daughter Plum experience that same joy and independence.

Over Fourth of July weekend, we spent three idyllic days and nights at my mom and stepdad's shabby chic beach house on Fair Harbour, dipping our toes in the ocean, eating our weight in guacamole, and swinging in the backyard hammock. (OK, that last activity lasted less than five minutes with my rambunctious toddler, but still.)

For the long weekend, I kept the packing simple since I knew we'd have to load all of our stuff onto the ferry. I packed my essentials—bikinis, sandals, jean shorts, romper, and one long dress—into my Eliza Gran basket bags. Then, I carefully selected only the bare necessities for Plum: tiny bathing suits, cotton tunics, and heart-shaped sunglasses. (Upon arrival, my mom gave Plum her very own pair of bright pink Crocs, the ultimate Fire Island kid essential.) With our clothes packed, I filled in any extra space with my can't-live-without-even-at-the–beach beauty products (yes, that includes sparkly Tom Ford body oil).