The Best Travel Beauty Tips to Take You From the Plane to the Party

Let this be your jet-setting guide.


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While we love to travel and the jet setter life sounds oh-so-chic, we know too well that the actual act of traveling can sometimes be less than glamorous (unless you've got your own private plane, that is). However, there are a few tricks we learned over the years to make travel as enjoyable and luxurious as possible — even in economy. So no matter how long you traveled or what it took for you to get to your destination, with our travel beauty advice you'll look and feel refreshed upon arrival.

Keep scrolling for six of our best traveling beauty tips, ahead.

Schedule a Hair Appointment

Although you've probably saved up for your trip, you really should set aside some extra budget for a pre-flight pamper. To land hair commercial-worthy tresses, invest in a professional blowout or a trim before heading to the airport. Schedule an appointment at your favorite salon, or find the nearest blow dry bar near you — it's that easy.

If your flight is in the AM or getting your hair done on your travel day doesn't sound appealing, consider scheduling your blowout or trim a day or two prior. Not only will stylists gift you a good hair day by washing and styling your locks, but they will also save you time on having to re-wash and re-style your hair the next day. Just be sure to loosely wrap your hair in a silk scarf at night to keep your blowout or fresh cut looking sharp come morning.

Head to the Beauty Counter

Because who doesn't want that fresh pre-vacay makeover selfie? Getting your makeup done for you pre-flight isn't just a good idea, it's a must. Head to your local department store, Sephora, or even Duane Reade, and take your pick among what we like to call "beauty heaven." Also, research your airport terminal since some travel retail locations offer beauty consultations.

When it comes to what kind of makeup look to go for, it comes down to personal preference — but you can't go wrong with natural "no makeup" makeup either. Tip: Ask your makeup artist for a few spritzes of setting spray to both prime your beauty look and keep it in place.

Give Yourself an Instant Mani

With all the hustle and bustle that comes with getting out the door to make your flight, there's absolutely zero time accounted for drying your perfectly polished mani. The solution? Stick-on nails: the salon mani without the hassle and fear of chipping.

For an easy-to-use press-on set, Kiss Nude Nude Bare but Better Nails ($8) offers a sophisticated, stylish look. If you're interested in a simple peel-and-apply strategy, Dashing Diva Glazed Donut Semi Cured Gel Nail Strips ($16) are ideal. Just throw on either of these nail sets before you leave the house, on the way to the airport, or while you're chilling out in the boarding area.

Get Some Shuteye

If you're on a long-haul flight or are just looking to get some R&R while up in the air, getting some sleep is key. Of course, while that might be easy to do if you're flying first class, traveling in coach doesn't necessarily guarantee rest or comfort.

So consider investing in earplugs and a weighted sleep mask to block out any unwanted noise and sound. And may we recommend layering an under-eye mask beneath your sleep mask also? You'll wake up both looking and feeling refreshed. Finally, avoid wearing tight, restrictive clothing — which can prevent you from getting those much-need zzz's — and opt for a comfy, yet stylish, airport outfit instead.

Bring Backup Meds

To look and feel your best upon landing, it's imperative that you're taking care of yourself in flight. We always like to have Tums and Advil on hand to address any pesky ailments like an upset stomach, headaches, cramps, and even low-grade fevers, if needed. Also, taking vitamin C supplements will boost your immune system — and maybe even your glow-up, too — which is perfect if you're going out for the night after a long day of traveling.

Stay Hydrated

Air travel can be super dehydrating. So drink plenty of water and try to limit the number of cocktails you knock back. Once you land, spritz on a hydrating face mist for an instant refresher.

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