Tracee Ellis Ross - Lead
Credit: Mark Davis/Getty Images

A few days before the BET Awards, which takes place tonight, Tracee Ellis Ross was “nervous and excited” to get on stage and rock the show with Anthony Anderson, whom she said is a source of calm for her. “When I’m scared, I look at Anthony,” she told InStyle. It’ll be an awards show reunion of sorts for the Black-ish stars, who hosted the Vibe Awards together in 2005. Back then, Anthony sported an “amazing, purple velvet jacket” he got made for the show and Tracee had “about 6-8 wardrobe changes,” she said with a laugh.

This time around, the actress said they’re “going to bring a little Black-ish to the show,” but, isn’t sure how many outfit changes she’ll make. She does know she’ll be rocking a nude hue on her nails, because of the variety of color in the outfits, and hinted she’s “really loving red right now.” Tracee is also expecting her hair and make-up for the show to take two hours—it's not just a dash out the door occasion!

To prepare for her hosting duties, Ross said, there were “a lot of rehearsals"—some of which were for her singing duties for the duo's skits. Expect high notes. As soon as they have a break during the show though, she’s hoping to meet rapper Fetty Wap, whose lyrics her alter ego T-Murda has already broken down on Instagram. “T-Murda is a rap queen!” she exclaimed.

In fact, T-Murda might even sneak in a quick rap battle with Fetty. “T-Murda has never met these hip hop artists face to face, so it’s a good opportunity," Ross said. "I don’t know what she’s going to do if she meets them.” But T-Murda apparently is not above asking for advice. The alter ego wouldn't mind if Fetty helps with her lyricism, Ross said.

Rap battles aside, Ross is keeping things pretty low-key. “I'm hoping for something exciting” to get into post-show, but after that, “I’m going to get in bed with my dogs," she said. Well played.