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Need to kill time while waiting in line or riding the subway? Well, look no further: We've found a pretty awesome (and addicting) app for those not-so-busy moments. The appropriately named MyIdol is taking over the internet Stateside right now---even though it's all in Chinese. But don't worry, we've got all the deets you need to get started.

MyIdol transforms any head shot or selfie into an animated superstar in minutes. After uploading the image of your choice, all the fun begins. The app allows for detailed customization---from choosing male or female bodies to deciding all the outfit details.

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When selecting an outfit simply tap the item you want once and wait for the download to process.

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Then it's time to sit back and enjoy the show. Watch your "idol" belt out the lyrics to your favorite song, or perhaps pop a wheelie on motorcycle. We've tried it out on with photos of our favorite celebs like this month's InStyle cover girl Reese Witherspoon and the hilarious vids are the highlight of our day.

Reese Witherspoon:

Sandra Bullock:

Matt Damon:

Jennifer Lopez: