By Olivia Bahou
Updated Apr 21, 2016 @ 12:45 pm
Tory Burch
Credit: Alberto E. Rodriguez/WireImage

Last month, we got a serious dose of career inspiration when Gwen Stefani joined LinkedIn and shared a powerful piece with her fans. The next star to inspire us on the platform is Tory Burch, the CEO of her own fashion line and founder of the Tory Burch Foundation, who penned an essay for the networking site entitled, “Don’t Wait for Doors to Open.”

In the piece, Burch muses on the word “ambitious,” lamenting the derogatory connotation it has when applied to women. “In men, it is a compliment and in women it’s used negatively. But that’s a harmful double standard that we must overcome for women to achieve parity in the workplace,” she writes.

Chronicling her own road to success, Burch shares some important tips on how to make the most of your career. “Ask yourself: Did you really need to modify that sentence with ‘just,’ ‘I think maybe,’ or ‘kind of’? Why did I sit against the wall rather than at the table in the last business meeting? Have I downplayed my desire to move up and succeed?”

Burch has come a long way since she was worried “no one would walk through the doors” in her first boutique in New York City, and she is committed to helping others follow in her footsteps. The CEO created a foundation “to give women entrepreneurs the tools to level the playing field by providing access to affordable loans, education, and networking.”

Get more info on the Tory Burch Foundation here, and read her powerful piece in its entirety on LinkedIn.