Toronto International Film Festival 2015: See Exclusive Portraits of the Hottest Stars

Julianne Moore, Ellen Paige, Michael Shannon, TIFF, portrait Studio, 2015, Toronto International Film Festival
Photo: Jens Langkjaer for LGA Management

Oh Canada! The hottest stars have all headed north to the Toronto International Film Festival, which kicked off September 10, and they're here on a mission: To build buzz for their flicks, make appearances at premieres, Q&As, red carpets, parties, and, in between it all, stop at InStyle's pop-up portrait studio, natch.

InStyle editors from both our New York and Los Angeles offices are in downtown Toronto right now chatting with the festival's biggest names, and we imported Danish photographer Jens Langkjaer to snap beautiful black and white images along the way. Sandra Bullock, Matt Damon, Jessica Chastain, Naomi Watts, Elle Fanning, Patrick Stewart, and Kiernan Shipka are just a few of the stars who stopped by so far—and we're just getting started.

The Freeheld cast shown here, featuring Julianne Moore, Ellen Page, and Michael Shannon, had a rocking time in our studio, nibbling on sweets from our giant candy bar and catching up with pals during downtime. We spent some QT with Moore who dove deep into her role, she explained. The film tells the true-life story of how two women from New Jersey inadvertently became gay marriage activists. Moore plays Detective Laurel Hester, who after being diagnosed with lung cancer, fights to have her pension given to her partner Stacie Andree (a role played by Ellen Page) when she passed away.

"Regular people are the most heroic," Moore told us when talking about the larger implications of the film. "I think the more we isolate each other and put people into boxes and say that they’re different because of their sexuality or their race or their gender or their place that they live, the more we distance ourselves. Every human being is exactly the same and the more we recognize our similarities the better off we are." We all said cheers to that one.

Watch Julianne Moore discuss her favorite red carpet looks during the Toronto International Film Festival.

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