Topshop's New 5th Avenue Flagship Store Opens Today!

Topshop 5th Avenue Flagship
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It's going to be a lot easier for New Yorkers to fulfill their hankering for British High Street fashion! Topshop opened its new flagship location on 5th Avenue in New York City today. Located next to Rockefeller Center and across the street from Saks Fifth Avenue, the new Topshop store is huge—both literally and figuratively. Love the retailer? Read on for four reasons why we're excited that they've opened the doors!

1. It's the second biggest Topshop ever.

The 5th Avenue flagship will be 40,000 square feet—Topshop's second largest flagship store in the world. It's only smaller than the retailer's London flagship, which is in the city's West End neighborhood and measures in at 90,000 square feet.

2. It will carry the full collections for Topshop and Topman.

This location is going to have everything, from collaborations to the Unique and Boutique lines to the full Topman line for guys. Plus, there are going to be some 5th Avenue exclusives that won't be available anywhere else.

3. It's giving fast fashion a new meaning.

The 5th Avenue flagship location will replenish its stock weekly, with 300 new pieces being delivered to the store every seven days. And there will be a total of 50 dressing rooms throughout the store to try on all those new goods.

4. There are more Topshop stores coming.

Even if you don't live in New York City you might see a new Topshop popping up around you sometime in the near future. The retailer just cut the ribbon on a store in San Diego and is set to open two more in Atlanta and Houston.

5. You can get a free manicure!

From Wednesday until Saturday, the store is celebrating its grand opening with free manicures. Customers can get one of five seriously cool custom nail art designs by Madeline Poole as well as pick up a 5th Avenue exclusive Topshop Beauty Nails nail color called Stars & Stripes.

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