Topshop Replaces "Ridiculously Tiny" Mannequins Following Facebook Complaint

Topshop colourful window display at their Knightsbridge store.
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This is a win for women everywhere. Last week after a visit to a Topshop store in England, shopper Laura Kate Berry penned a lengthy open letter to the retailer shaming them for their "ridiculously tiny" mannequins. She posted a photo of the mannequin in question alongside her message, getting her point across loud and clear.

"As you are aware, the year is 2015. A time when I like to believe we are conscious of the harsh unrealities often imposed on us by the fashion industry," her post reads. "Every day I am surrounded by strong women and men who struggle with the daily battle of body image. A subject which is now even covered by schools nationwide, educating the young on the reality of a human body and how unrealistic many photoshopped images are. So let me get to the point, I'd love to hear how you can justify the ridiculously tiny mannequin in your Bristol Cribbs Causeway store? We come in all shapes and sizes. There is absolutely nothing wrong with being the size you naturally are. I believe we should all feel comfortable in our own skin. Having said that, this mannequin is quite frankly ridiculously shaped."

She continued: "I'm old enough and wise enough to know I will never be this size, but as we've all been impressionable teens at one point, I'm fairly certain if any of us were to witness this in our teenage years, it would have left us wondering if that was what was expected of our bodies. To be honest, I'm sure many clever, strong and beautiful women of any age are made to feel insecure by your mannequins and advertisements."

The post, which currently has over 4,700 likes and hundreds of comments, prompted the retailer to acknowledge the controversy and pledge to no longer use the oddly-proportioned mannequins.

"We think it’s important to showcase a healthy size image, from the choice of models used in campaigns, to the stories featured online and on the blog," Topshop responded. "We have taken yours and other customers’ opinions and feedback on board and going forward we are not placing any further orders on this style of mannequin. The views of our customers are extremely valuable and we apologise if we have not lived up to the levels of service that we aim to deliver."

Read the full Facebook post below.

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