Sniff This: These Four Unisex Fragrances Will Make Heads Turn

Unisex Perfume Lead
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Some things are worth borrowing from your man’s closet—that perfect white button-down, that perfect pair of oversized sweatpants calling your name on Sunday mornings, and even that perfect cologne. But instead of sneaking spritzes, you may soon be sharing them with your significant other.

In the 90's, CK One broke the marketing mold by creating a unisex scent, and it looks like that’s where fragrance is headed again, as more and more gender-neutral fragrances are being made.

"The old-fashioned concept is that florals are for women and woody notes are for men,” says Karl Bradl, owner of the iconic New York fragrance emporium Aedes de Venustas. “But consumers are more open now, and most fragrance houses, particularly niche ones, formulate florals and woody notes in a way that appeals to both sexes.” Bradl’s launching his own line of unisex fragrances for Aedes de Venustas, Nomenclature, in October. So in the meantime, my husband and I sniffed our way through four new eaus designed to suit both of us equally:

L'Occitane Cedrat Eau de Toilette, $58;

He said: This smells lemony with an herbal twist, like mint lemonade. It's so light that it could totally be a women's scent, but I think it could be shared. I really like this one better on you, though.

She said: The bergamot notes makes it really airy and fresh, but there’s also the woodsy, cedar element—it's the perfect summery, daytime scent for anyone.

Eau de Lacoste L.12.12 Jaune, $70;

He said: I feel like it's meant for guys, but because the citrus is so, well, citrusy, I think it would be good on anyone. It reminds me of a warm, spring afternoon.

She said: The grapefruit and peppercorn give it a zest that would make it a good, sheer summer cologne for men. But I think it smells less fresh—more sexy—on me. I would definitely add this to my current lineup.

0.2 Eau de Parfum, $80;

He said: I imagine a sophisticated woman (like you!) when I smell this. It’s a little heavier, so it’s good for a special night out.

She said: It’s a little too dark for me! But the combination of amber and moss are really alluring and mysterious—just how I like my men.

Krigler Champfleury 132, $220;

He said: It has this addictive quality—something like powder and incense—that makes me want to keep smelling it. Could I keep this one? Whether you’re a woman or man, it’s a good scent to wear when you’re trying to pick someone up! It’s a little too heavy for a typical female perfume, but if you’re into heavier, warmer scents, it’d work.

She said: I would totally wear this when the weather is cold or at night because the musk and patchouli are so heavy. There’s a bit of lemon in there, though, that keeps it from being overpowering.

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