By Erin Lukas
Updated May 03, 2016 @ 5:00 pm
Credit: Courtesy

If you’re constantly on stray facial hair patrol, may we introduce you to a handy tool that will alleviate you of some of the time you spend at your post? From waxing to lasers and everything in-between, there’s a number of ways to remove any unwanted facial hair, but many of these methods are time-consuming, require scheduling appointments and most importantly, are pretty painful. However you choose to do it, ripping hair out of your body is never going to feel like getting a massage, but Tweezerman Easy Finish Facial Hair Remover ($15; is pretty close—seriously.

The oval-shaped tool has a unique coil spring that grabs hairs when you roll it up or down a section of your face. It’s an easier-to-use update from the original, which required two hands, twisting both ends to make the coils turn, and a whole lot of contorting to reach certain areas of the face. Since this tool banishes pesky hairs directly from the root, regrowth is slowed down and eventually minimized, making it ideal to use on the upper lip or chin.

After running it down various parts of my face including my lower cheek and chin where I have blonde peach fuzz, it was pleasantly surprising to see the area smooth, hair-free, and without any redness, or in other words, evidence. Not to mention it was completely satisfying to see the stray hairs stuck in the coils afterwards, not unlike the feeling you get when examining a used pore strip. On the upper lip front, I had to go over the area a few times and apply a bit more pressure until any of the scattered dark hairs I’m prone to having were lifted. And it’s true, the pain was completely minimal. At most I felt a pinch, which I would have felt anyways since I thought I was dreaming that hair removal could truly be this simple.

Hair removal thanks to a few flicks of the wrist as you Netflix the night away? It really is possible.