Too Squeamish For a Snail Facial? Try This $6 Sheet Mask Instead

Snail Facial - Sheet Mask - Missha
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Would you let a snail crawl across your face for better skin? Visitors to Tokyo's Ci:z Labo beauty salon would -- the spa is currently offering up the world's first snail facials, where a trio of African Snails travel across a customer's face to deposit hyaluronic acid-rich slime. The slime's anti-aging properties were discovered after snail farmers noticed their skin healed faster after the molluscs had trailed across their hands, and while it has been known to diminish age spots, scars, and acne, we're a little hesitant to try out the treatment ourselves. Luckily, Korean beauty brand Missha has found a less-dubious alternative with their Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Gel Mask, which is infused with 5% snail slime. The product works best for those with dry complexions, and you simply apply the two-piece sheet mask immediately after cleansing so your skin can soak up the benefits -- no creepy crawlies required. Missha's Super Aqua Cell Renew Mask is available at, and at $6 per packet, it's a much-cheaper alternative to the $243/hour price of a snail facial.

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