By Marianne Mychaskiw
Updated Apr 05, 2016 @ 6:00 pm
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Dinoplatz Adjustable Mascara Wands - Lead 2016
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You can get your clothes tailored to fit, and with all the trouble that goes into finding the perfect mascara wand and formula combo, you'd think that the concept could be extended into the beauty realm. Luckily, Korean import Too Cool for School has it covered. The cosmetics brand has a duo of customizable mascara wands in their Dinoplatz makeup collection, which can be adjusted to your desired shape by simply twisting the dial on the cap. The concept of adjustable mascara wands is nothing new—back when Debbie Gibson dominated the airwaves, Maybelline launched their Dial-a-Lash product, which had three different settings from natural to super-dramatic, and Drew Barrymore's Flower Beauty range currently has a mascara with an adjustable wand in its offerings.

The Dinoplatz Twisty Tail Mascara is the first wand we've seen go from completely straight, to a curved shape that hugs your lash line. This helps you to evenly coat each individual lash without having to layer on a lot of product, while lifting and curling. The formula is lightweight, so you don't have to worry about separating out any clumps, and is infused with an aqua serum, which conditions your lashes. If a longer length is what you're after, you'll want to try out the Escalator Mascara. As you twist the end of the wand, you can manipulate the brush to be either longer or shorter depending on how dramatic you want to go. The longer, thinner shape creates a natural appearance and uses less product, while the short, thick brush adds extra volume. Shop both products now, priced at $27 and $25, at