Jonathan Borge
Jan 16, 2018 @ 4:45 pm

Tonya Harding may have been the first American female figure skater to nail the triple axel, but she’s best known for the 1994 Nancy Kerrigan scandal that has resurfaced, due in large part to Margot Robbie’s Golden Globe-nominated portrayal of the epic skater in I, Tonya—a biopic that, if you have yet to see, must be added to your watch list.

Another thing we learned about Harding from this revival? Her unyielding love for a Louis Vuitton Speedy handbag. 

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The movie about Harding—she now goes by Tonya Price—is fabulously funny and telling, much like ABC’s Truth and Lies: The Tonya Harding Story, a special that aired last week and delivered a full sit-down interview with the former skater herself. It revealed a lot about the scandal and Harding’s feelings about how it all went down (to make a long story short: Harding's ex-husband hired someone to club Kerrigan, Harding's fiercest rival, in the knee ahead of the 1994 Olympic Winter Games). “The media had me convicted of doing something wrong before I had even done anything at all,” Harding told ABC’s Amy Robach.

But one visual element stood out to us above all others: Harding's favorite Louis Vuitton sidekick. The classic, beloved, and expensive handbag ($970; has found a home in the closets of many celebrities, but no one carried it with quite as much panache as Harding did.

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She’s seen toting it several times in the Truth and Lies special, and I, Tonya costume designer Jennifer Johnson has confirmed that it was an accessory that inspired Robbie’s portrayal in the film. Wouldn’t you carry your LV baby with love, too?

Let's review the Harding's most noteworthy LV sightings, shall we? Harding arrived at the 1994 Winter Olympics—yes, those Olympic games—wearing a baby blue sports jacket, blue pants, brown shoes, and yes, you guessed it, her Louis Vuitton Speedy.

Boston Globe/Getty Images

That same trip, she wore a patriotic jacket and clutched her LV puppy as though someone threatened to take it away from her.


And she held onto it while signing autographs in 1994.

Steve Slocum/AP/REX/Shutterstock

Harding came from a poor family in Portland, Oregon—a focal point in both the biopic and the new interview—so it's easy to understand why she might cling to her LV-logoed bag, a symbol that by 1994, after years of blood (not all of it hers?), sweat, and tears, she had picked herself up by the skate laces and earned her new lifestyle. 

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