Scandal's Tony Goldwyn Explains Why Season 5 Is Shocking—and What to Expect from Fitz and Olivia

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Olivia Pope finally returned to TV last night on Scandal and while we're girlishly enthusiastic about a new series of fashion-filled Kerry Washington moments, we’re just as excited for Season 5 to deliver on the sex, and well, scandal. Enter President Fitzgerald Grant, portrayed by Tony Goldwyn. Among the hit ABC show's display of handsome gentleman, he stands out as a character who never disappoints when it comes to delivering storyline drama.

InStyle caught up with him ahead of the Emmys last week in L.A., where the actor—dressed in a Tommy Hilfiger suit with a Paul Smith shirt and a pair of dapper Brooks Brothers boots—dished on what fans can expect. “It’s been really fun and interesting and different from anything you’ve seen before,” Goldwyn told InStyle. "Yeah, it’s been crazy this season so far, so people are in for a real treat."

The star also revealed what shocked him the most about the new episodes. “The reconnection between Fitz and Olivia in a way that we never have been before," he said. "The fact that [show creator Shonda Rhimes] really just continues to push our story lines in new directions. There’s no repeating old patterns. In Season 5, that’s not what I expected, so I’m really excited about that.” And so are we. Scandal airs Thursdays at 9 p.m. ET on ABC.

—With reporting by Scott Huver

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