By Alexandra Whittaker
Updated Jun 08, 2018 @ 4:15 pm
Mean Girls Broadway lead
Credit: MeanGirlsBWay/Instagram

The 2018 Tony Awards red carpet will undoubtedly be full of fun fashion moments from Broadway's best, but first, the nominees stepped away from the stage to celebrate their achievements at the 2018 Tony Awards Honors reception on June 4. Part of the evening's talk? Costumes, of course.

Before the great Bessie Nelson was honored with a Tony Honor for Excellence in Theatre for her 70+ year career of masterful costume and beading work, InStyle spoke with three current Tony nominees at the Sofitel Hotel about the fashion in their own respective shows.

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Read on for what we learned, from the massive quick changes happening behind-the-scenes in Angels in America to just how Squidward Tentacles walks with four legs in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical.

Taylor Louderman (Regina George in Mean Girls)

Louderman is nominated for the 2018 Tony for Best Performance by a Leading Actress in a Musical

"I've gotten really good at walking in high heels. It's so funny, I sing, there's a lyric about wearing my Louboutins, and those are actually Louis Vuitton shoes that we've painted red," Louderman revealed to InStyle. "Which I think is so ironic that we're singing about it. But earlier in the show, I do wear the Louboutins. But I always thought that was funny."

Gavin Lee (Squidward Tentacles in SpongeBob SquarePants: The Broadway Musical)

Lee is nominated for the 2018 Tony for Best Featured Actor in a Musical

"It took hours of me in a rehearsal room just looking at myself in the mirror with these ridiculous-slash-fabulous legs stuck to my butt. My aim with David Zinn, our costume designer, was I wanted these extra legs—for anyone who doesn't know I have 4 legs for the whole show—I didn't want the two fake legs to look fake. My idea was if I could twist my torso 180 degrees, you wouldn't be able to tell which were the front legs and the fake back legs," Lee told InStyle.

"I spent a lot of time trying to make the whole silhouette of Squidward asymmetrical. It's a lot of tilting your pelvis forward or back, and how much to bend your knees, and it just took a lot of working out, and hopefully I get a lot of comments not about my great performance, but my great legs. So hopefully the legs designed by David Zinn are really nailing it, and hopefully I'm nailing it being the one who's wearing them."

Andrew Garfield (Prior Walter in Angels in America)

Garfield is nominated for the 2018 Tony for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Play

"There's an actor called Sue Brown who plays I believe six or seven different characters, and her offstage life is even more intense than her onstage life," Garfield said. "She's in her early 70s, so that's kind of remarkable. She plays a rabbi, she plays the oldest living Bolshevik, she plays a Mormon mother, she plays a male doctor, and she really does govern the backstage life. If she's coming through, you get out of the way because she's a bulldozer."