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Up-and-coming actress Britt Robertson learned a lot from co-star George Clooney on the set of their epic movie Tomorrowland (in theaters May 22), but it was a chance after-hours dinner at a sushi restaurant in Spain where she really got to know him.

"On one of our last nights of filming, I ran into George, who was eating with his hairstylist," recalls the 25-year-old. "He invited me to sit with them and gave me a lot of encouraging advice about my career. He said, 'If you can do this movie, you can do anything.' It was really sweet."

Tomorrowland: A World Beyond European Premier
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In the Disney film, Robertson is a teenager who gets wrapped up in a mission to unlock the secrets of Tomorrowland, a futuristic utopia. Clooney plays a genius inventor who helps her along the way. "It's interesting because we were making a movie about saving the world and George is actually a guy who is trying to make a difference in real life," Robertson says about Clooney's humanitarian work. "His concerns go so much deeper than anything that we were trying to do in this movie, but he was always making sure that we were having fun."

Since logging that major screen time with the Oscar winner, we wondered, who else does Robertson hope to work with one day? "I'd love to do something with Meryl Streep or Jeff Bridges," she says. And, who knows, maybe another with Clooney. Adds Robertson, "he is pretty dreamy!"