By Ruthie Friedlander
Updated Feb 25, 2018 @ 5:30 pm
Credit: Venturelli

Sunday night marked the finale of Milan Fashion Week fall 2018, and, ironically, it was an American designer that closed out the week—Tommy Hilfiger, who for the second season in a row, brought his show away from his home turf (last year was in London and the year prior took place in L.A.).

VIDEO: Right Now: Milan Fashion Week - Tommy Hilfiger

Mr. Hilfiger promised what would be “the most immerse experience yet”: a cross between fashion and motorsport. And boy was it immersive! Held in a space further away than most other shows during the week, attendees were pushed passed a brightly lit step and repeat, before being escorted into a huge, chilly space that could, at a different time, store shipping equipment.

Credit: Venturelli

But on this night, it had a racetrack-like runway with an LED screen at the entrance and various booths in the center of the room, including a shopping destination (yes, you could buy the clothes right there), a car simulator (Instagram influencer heaven), and five race cars, such as the new 2018 Mercedes model (which sounds super exciting, even though I’m not quite sure what that is).

Credit: Venturelli

The Tommy Now Milan show also marked Gigi Hadid’s last collection with the brand, an endeavor that began two years ago. And thus, it was necessary for her to go out with a bang—or a vroom?

We asked the Tommy team for some stats and…well…read for yourself!

Over 2,000 guests were invited to the show (half of whom were actual customers!)

The runway was just shy of 700 feet long, measuring an exact 212 meters.

Credit: Venturelli

There were 63 looks in total: 45 women’s and 18 men’s (Yes, friends, Anwar walked, too).

And that LED wall that blazed throughout the show? It took a full seven days to set up and was made up of 2.3 million (YES, MILLION) pixels.

Most impressively, as always, every single item that went down the runway was immediately shoppable. Talk about instant gratification.