Tommy Hilfiger's New Memoir Is a Fashion Lover's Must-Read

Tommy Hilfiger
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You know you’ve made it when it’s time to publish a memoir.

That’s what’s on schedule for designer Tommy Hilfiger, whose buzzy new book, American Dreamer ($21;, hits stores tomorrow, Nov. 1. As the tome’s title suggests, Dreamer follows the 65-year-old clothes maker’s personal life, as well as his ascent into the world of fashion.

So why was it time to whip all of his most treasured stories into one memoir? “After more than 40 years in the fashion industry, I wanted to record the memories behind my life and brand,” the designer said in a statement. “American Dreamer is a roadmap of the moments that have defined both my career and my personal life—from my childhood in Elmira, New York, to building a global business. I’m so excited to share my journey and I hope it can inspire others to pursue their dreams.”

Yes, we’re eager to catch up on his biggest successes and failures—as well as learn a bit more about his too-chic wife, Dee Ocleppo, and five children (including Ally Hilfiger)—but we’re also looking forward to page-turning stories filled with A-listers, some of whom already love the book.

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“Tommy is an inspiration to many people. American Dreamer shows how he has managed to be successful in business and done so with integrity. I have come to know Tommy, and every time we talk I learn something new about creating a successful brand,” David Beckham said in a statement.

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We bet this is one book Hilfiger muse Gigi Hadid can’t stop reading. American Dreamer will be available on Tuesday, Nov. 1 at and select Tommy Hilfiger stores.

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