Tom Holland's spidey senses are no match for the power of modern medicine. That's right, the Spider-Man: Homecoming star recently revealed that even he isn't immune to the post-op effects of anesthesia—or to conspiring friends determined to document its hilarious aftermath.

On Tuesday, the 21-year-old Brit shared a video of himself recovering from wisdom tooth surgery on Instagram. In it, the normally agile actor struggles to sit up and even mistakes an ice pack for a cellphone.

"You're doing great," Holland's friend, Harrison Osterfield, says from behind the camera. "You… you… hello?" Holland mumbles into his ice pack phone despite the fact that he's holding his real phone in his other hand.

After a brief laugh, the actor's brother Sam tries to help him sit up straight, but quickly determines that he's better off horizontal. We know the feeling, Tom.

"Thanks lads for looking after me @hazosterfield @samholland1999!" he wrote alongside the funny clip, adding: "I feel 1/4 less wise haha"

Holland needs all the rest he can get. The young star is currently filming Chaos Walking, and will return as Spider-Man in a sequel film to Homecoming, as well as the upcoming Avengers: Infinity War.