By Jonathan Borge
Jul 15, 2016 @ 11:15 am

Tom Hiddleston is driving the conversation away from all things Hiddleswift to instead shine a light on an urgent cause.

In a video released by UNICEF, the 35-year-old goodwill ambassador uses his platform to discuss the spread of Ebola in Guinea and how the epidemic has affected the lives and education of children in the country.

The Thor star refers to a new video from UNICEF’s #EmergencyLessons campaign, in which survivors of the disease discuss their experiences. “Guinea is a country very dear to my heart because it’s the first place I visited with UNICEF to see their work for children in the field,” he says, explaining why school is so important, especially in time of emergency.

But as Hiddleston passionately discusses his work in the African country three years ago—directly from the set of his new flick, Thor: Ragnarok, in Australia—he does something to show how he's always prepared to take a joke. As he speaks, a long-haired black wig—one he wears to play Loki in Marvel's franchise—is placed atop his head. He lets out a laugh, but then seamlessly adjusts the fit and then dishes on his favorite school activity as a kid. “My favorite school activity was acting in plays,” he says. "I’m still doing it for a living as you can see."

Watch the full video above and prepare to giggle at the surprising hair change.