By Meredith Lepore
Updated Apr 22, 2016 @ 9:00 am
Courtesy YouTube

There aren't too many actors you can say are on the same level as Tom Hanks. Though on The Late Show on Thursday Stephen Colbert did find one. "Both you and I are top-notch actors," Colbert said. "I'm an actor in my own way." "Alright, you fake stuff," said Hanks. Colbert noted that Hanks has a bunch of Oscars while he has a bunch of Emmys. "They're basically the same," said Colbert. "No, they are not, sir," said Hanks. "Well, for those of us who have Emmys, we think they are basically the same," he said.

Though they disagreed, Colbert pointed out that between the two of them, they have one Oscar each. In other words, they are both great actors, so they should offer the aspiring actors in the world some tips to "help them get up to our level." "Great, let's help the kids," said Hanks, who is currently starring in the film, A Hologram for the King.

They dispensed their great acting wisdom in a game called, "On Your Mark, Get Set, Act." Hanks's first tip was a real gem. "Crying scenes are tough," he said. "Personally, onions make me cry. So when I have to cry, I think of a dead onion." Colbert had his own great one. "If you're having trouble inhabiting a character," said Colbert, "just ask important questions like, 'What's my character's name?' What's the movie about?'"

Colbert also had advised, "Never work with children or animals. One exception: baby werewolves. Box office gold." Hanks chimed in with, "Never read bad reviews. Instead kidnap the critic... at gunpoint. I find they're much less likely to tell you you suck at gunpoint." "All the best actors know that emotions live in the arms," Colbert said. "If you are scared, flail your arms around in terror. If you are sad, flail your arms around sadly."

But the best tip was from Hanks, which was to get a dog, name it "Line," and then shave the line you will forget into the side of the dog the camera can't see. "Then if you forget what you're supposed to say, call "Line!", and you can read it off the side of your dog. I learned that one from Marlon Brando," he said. When Colbert want to thank him for being on the show, he couldn't think of the word so he picked up an adorable puppy from behind his desk and pretended to read it. Hanks then couldn't remember Colbert's name so he picked up another puppy and pretended to read the words "Stephen Colbert," off of the dog. Now those are some great acting tips!

Watch Colbert and Hanks give their best acting advice in the video below.