This is what Twitter was made for.


If anyone was waiting for 2020's first major viral moment, it took just six days and one Golden Globes ceremony for the internet to find it. Usher in the new year with Tom Hanks's reaction to Ricky Gervais's opening monologue, which featured digs at Felicity Huffman, the overarching whiteness of Hollywood, the Jeffrey Epstein scandal and even Leonardo DiCaprio's dating habits.

If you need a reaction to just about anything, forget about the facepalm emoji, because Hanks's grimace and cringe is all you'll need.

Of course, people touched on Hanks's Disney pedigree.

And others used it for just about every situation you could think of, from real-life situations... other kinds of real-life situations.

Some were topical.

And other Twitter users just wanted to relate that face to what we all deal with.

Everyone wants more.

The ceremony is still young, but it's clear that Hanks won the night.