And how things were different for his wife, Rita Wilson.


Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson, are back in California and have their COVID-19 symptoms behind them. However, as some of the first celebrities to come forward with their diagnosis and subsequent self-isolation, fans have been following their recovery closely. Today, Hanks offered some insight into what he and Wilson experienced while they were dealing with symptoms and under the watchful eye of a doctor in Australia, where they were quarantining. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hanks appeared on The National Defense Radio Show and explained everything, including an incident where he felt like the "dumbest human being."

Tom Hanks Coronavirus Diagnosis Treatment Interview
Credit: VALERIE MACON/Getty Images

During his time on the show, which is dedicated to active military, veterans, and their families, Hanks said that his symptoms seemed mild compared to what Wilson had to endure. He didn't experience losing his sense of smell or anything like that, he simply felt fatigued.

"Rita had a much tougher time than I did," Hanks said. "She had a much higher fever. She had lost her sense of taste and sense of smell. I had some bad body aches and fatigue."

He added that they were quarantined in an Australian hospital for three days after they tested positive and were later in a private residence. While they were being treated, he said that he tried to stay active, even though his body couldn't handle the strain. Looking back, he realizes how foolish he was.

"She looked at me through her glasses like she was talking to the dumbest human being," Hanks said of one experience with a doctor. "And she said, [sternly] 'You have COVID-19.'"

Hanks also said that he and Wilson donated blood, which is being developed into antibodies. Wilson also shared her experience with the disease during an interview with Gayle King.

"I felt extremely achy, uncomfortable, didn't want to be touched, and then the fever started," she said while on CBS This Morning. Wilson's symptoms included a fever that reached 102 degrees in addition to losing her senses of smell and taste, as Hanks explained, and "chills like I never had before."