By Faith Cummings
Oct 25, 2016 @ 9:00 am

Few designers in the world are more renowned than Tom Ford. That's one reason he picked up InStyle's Designer of the Year Award, but in real life he's setting trends and breaking boundaries every single chance he gets.

Throughout his storied carrier from Gucci and Yves Saint Laurent through to his eponymous label, he's touched so many lives and has undoubtedly shown us all how to get dressed. Those bonds are what keep him going and why he continues to design. "The nice thing about an award is that it says you've spoken to people and connected people," said Ford on the InStyle Awards red carpet. "As that's really, as designers or anyone creative, what you're trying to do, so it's great. I'm very happy and it's a great honor to receive this in Los Angeles—a place that I've called at least partially home for many years. I love it here and it's a terrific honor."

Ford has no shortage of red carpet and high-fashion events in which he's dressing himself and his slew of fashionable muses, but he prefers to keep it classic when it comes to his personal style. "I suppose that I am generally, fairly classically dressed. It's important for a man or woman to find what works for you, what you're the most comfortable in, and stick to it." And that idea of comfort differs for everyone. Ford advises us all to embrace that and play around with our signatures just a bit with each season. "You can change the shoulder, you can change the shape: styles do move on. But find what you're comfortable in. And if you're comfortable in extreme fashion and a beautiful plunging neckline, then wear it."

Frederick M. Brown/Getty

We all know Ford for his daring gowns and sultry silhouettes and believe it or not, that's the way he described his style when he first got into the industry in his 20s. "When I started out, I was more sexual and sexually charged with my clothes," the icon confessed. "Now, I'd say, they've shifted more to sensual as I've gotten a bit older." And funnily enough, the Nocturnal Animals director (because yes he excels at film as well) doesn't believe he's all that stylish! "I so do not think of myself as 'in style,' so maybe that's in style," he revealed. "I like to think of myself as having my own style, which hopefully is in style, but I don't know."

And we've heard tales about Ford's beauty rituals and the lavishness of his bathroom, thus we weren't completely surprised when he disclosed that he'd probably be placing his Designer of the Year award statue there. "My bathroom is my dressing room," he confirmed. "It's where my clothes are, it's where a mirror is. It's right there, I see it every morning. It's not going in the downstairs guest room."

Nocturnal Animals his theaters in about a month's time, so we can expect to be seeing a lot more of Ford in the coming weeks. Watch the designer talk about his personal style at the 2016 InStyle Awards in the video at top.