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Credit: Gisela Schober/WireImage

Tom Ford put his own stamp on the Apple Watch at his spring 2016 men's collection last week by unveiling a pocket watch version with a silver chain attached to a small silver loop on the top side of the face (photo below). It’s as if Ford decided, better a sleek pocket watch than a chunky wristwatch, and his take gives the device a certain retro panache.

Admittedly, some functionality has been sacrificed in the name of style. The heart rate sensor and similar body monitoring apps that require skin-to-watch contact to work are disabled, as is Apple Pay. Also, the phone automatically locks when tucked into the vest pocket of your three-piece Tom Ford suit (you are wearing a three-piece Tom Ford suit, aren’t you?)

Still, you don’t buy a Maserati and then compare its off-road performance to a Jeep’s. This is an Apple Watch for the boardroom, not the gym.